• If your album is popular (as in it receives the most appreciation clicks from other members), it will appear on the landing page among the six "popular albums", showing your album cover photo. If you don't want sensitive information showing up there and you fear being recognized, please pay attention when choosing your album cover photo.
  • Please note that the albums are not accesable without at least a basic subscription to Kinkcell (depending on your privacy rules) but please keep in mind that if you want to keep yourself completely anonymous, we advise you to not choose any photo showing identification details (face, birth marks, tattoos, etc) as a cover photo for your albums (or in general, if you fear another member might recognize you). Please rest assured that we are doing our best to secure our users privacy but the basic rule of the internet applies: "If you don't want it out there in any case, shape or form, don't upload it."

    Thank you!

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