About Us

Hello friend!

We have fetishes and we’re not afraid to use them.

Or share them.Or make you part of them. Consensually (duh!) and in a safe and most user friendly environment. And since we want you to feel free to do the same, we are a small team for now that voluntarily joined their efforts to bring you the best less hair pulling social media experience on the internets. However, since we do like hair pulling ourselves, we are constantly working on improving your user experience and bringing you the tools to thrive in your kink together with likeminded people. And work our asses off to give you the options to spread your kinks, make new friends, join fetish communities, create your own kink network of people and protect your privacy even when you tend not to. Because we see it as a job. Because we take kinky stuff seriously. Because we want you to enjoy yourself. And because there are enough coffees and cigarettes in this world in order for us to continue the journey of bringing to life your favourite kinky social media experience.


Kinkcell Team